4 Speed Voice Control Smart Kitchen Hood, Stainless Steel T Style Exhaust Hood with Black Glass Panel, Wall Mount Vented or Ductless Built In

✓ Operate The Smart Range Hood Simply Use Your Voice ✓ Hand Wave to Adjust The Exhaust Fan Speed ✓ Delay Shutdown & Timer Offers Auto Shut-off ✓ Sleek Buttonless Soft Touch Switch Panel Easy to Clean ✓ Flexible Ventilation Ducted or Recirculating ✓ Seamless T Style Design Fits Chimney or Under Cabinet Installation ✓ Dishwasher-Safe Stainless Steel Commercial Style Baffle Filters ✓ Perfect for Low & High Ceiling with Chimney Extension ✓ Optional 2-Level of Brightness Provides Vividly Illumination ✓  3% spare parts free ✓ 5-year warranty for motor ✓ Delivery within 30 days

Products Details

Voice & Gesture Control Makes Your Kitchen Smart

This smart range hood comes with "Andy", which is a smart assistant built in the switch control, so NO NEED any other devices. Just use your voice to give simple commands, Andy will do everything for you! Besides this, gesture sensing control is another innovation which we were devoted to. Just wave your hand towards the oven vent hood switch panel, you can adjust the fan speed and operate on/off settings. Hands free operating provides you much comfortable cooking experience, enjoy your kitchen life with our Smart range hood!


Meet this T style stainless steel range hood, seamless assembling design finished by excellent stainless steel and black galss switch panel. Large touch screen looks contemporary, on the other hand the professional stainless steel baffle filter adds commercial-style look to this canopy vent hood. 4-speed touch switch with smart voice control will refresh your cognition of kitchen range hood, NO NEED to take your phone or anyother devices, perform all the actions on the smart range hood just use your voice simply. Sounds amazing? yet not the only, you can also operate the fan speed and 0N/OFF settings with hand waving, no need touch the switch panel.

Features & Benifits

Commercial Style Dishwasher-safe Baffle Filter

Easily removable with quick-release handle, simply throw them into diswasher and minutes later you will get clean new baffle filters! Differet with others, our professional commercial style baffle filters designed with slanting lines, effectively collect grease into the long oil tunnel in the buttom, no grease drips anymore with our commercial-style range hood.

Voice Control NO NEED Use Your Phone or Anyother Devices

Just speak to Andy and give simple voice commands, Andy will do everything for you! Turn on the wall chimney hood and set the fan speed level 2 when your foods are ready to cook, delay shutoff 5 miutes later while you finish the cooking. So just lay down the job and place your phone aside, put yourself into the kitchen room to prepare dinner for your family. Play your cooking passion and enjoy!

NO Touch, Wave Your Hand to Operate The Range Hood

You may be impressed that it's really the time to switch on the range hood but your hands were covered with meshed potatos!!! How? It isn't a problem if you have our smart range hood in your kitchen, just wave your hand towards the switch panel from left to right, you will get the exhaust hood fan turned on! You can also adjust the fan speed level by waving your hand, NO NEED touch the control panel.









23.6" * 19.7" *15.75"

29.75" * 19.7" *15.75"

35.75" * 19.7" *15.75"


Stainless Steel & Tempered Glass

Blower Type:

900 CFM (4 - speed)


156W / 2A, 110-120V / 60Hz


4 - Speed Soft Touch Control

Duct Transition

6'' Round Top

Installation Type:

Ducted or Ductless

**Grease Filter Option:

2 Dishwasher-Safe, Professional Stainless Steel Baffle Filter

2 Dishwasher-Safe, Classic Stainless Steel Baffle Filter

**Illumination Option:

3W *2 LED Soft Natural Light

3W *2 LED Bright White Light

2 - Level Brightness LED 3W *2

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